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SUPERHUMAN SLEEP is the X-Factor to gaining muscle and targeting soft spots It was developed for men and women looking to support muscle growth and fat loss goals while getting healthy sleep.

SUPERHUMAN SLEEP is as powerful as it is versatile.

Maximizing your rate of recovery and the amount of REM sleep that you get each night is more important than anything. We suggest that you Combine SUPERHUMAN SLEEP with a 500 calorie surplus and intense workouts to take your muscle building goals to the stratosphere! Every amino acid, electrolyte, and mineral that your body needs before bed to promote muscle growth is found within SuperHuman Sleep’s cutting edge, premium formula.
  • Promotes faster recovery & less soreness after intense workouts
  • Support Fat loss and muscle gain goals
  • Supports REM Sleep for maximum anabolic hormones
  • Replenish crucial electrolytes so you wake up feeling amazing
  • Skyrockets the speed of your body transformation
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Hector Resendiz
Super Human Sleep Powder

I really like this one. The flavor is delicious and it doesn’t create a thick, hard to drink mix. I did notice the difference in the morning when taking it the night before. I would feel tight around my waist. I do recommend this one 👊🏽👊🏽