SoCal Supps Wild Fire Pre-Workout

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Heading into the gym you should be focused on one thing and one thing only -- complete and utter destruction of the iron. To get your mind and muscles prepared for the impending battle with the weights, you need a pre workout that emboldens you with the fire of 1,000 suns and the energy of a supernova. You need a cutting-edge pre-workout that will push you to the utmost extreme and then a little more.


🔥 You need WILD FIRE! 🔥


WILD FIRE is the single most powerful and explosive pre-workout ever formulated. Each scoop delivers intense, long-lasting energy and sleeve-splitting pumps that will make you never want to leave the gym. Hardcore training demands a hardcore pre workout, and for that the only option is WILD FIRE!

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Rowe
No extra energy with nausea

I’ve been using pre-workouts for a couple years now and was hopeful this would give me the extra energy push I was looking for. Unfortunately I didn’t experience any extra energy and this makes me super nauseous. I will not be repurchasing and honestly dread finishing the canister

Great pre

I got the wildfire green apple and it was a great pre. I have a very high tolerance and it easily lasted for 3 hrs with a pump.

Lisa Karcher

Took my money and never delivered package that was order on 8/15 . Emailed and they said there was nothing they could do

Isaiah Tuell
Skittles SoCal fire pre workout

Personally I didn’t like it and it made me sick with motion sickness

Alejandro Urbina

SoCal Supps Wild Fire Pre-Workout