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Psychic Warfare


Psychic Warfare is formulated to maximize pumps and give you a clean burst of energy during your workout with no crash afterwards.
How is that possible? Psychic Warfare is infused with DiCaffeine Malate, a specialty form of caffeine bonded with malic acid. This allows for a dramatic energy level spikes with a boost of athletic performance.

NITRIC OXIDE BOOSTER. Not only is Psychic Warfare a top pre workout, it will also boost you Nitric Oxide levels to give you vein bursting pumps. Eria Jarensis and Beta-Alanine is a proven ingredient for rapid NO production.

SCIENTIFICALLY BACKED INGREDIENTS. Psychic Warfare is packed full of the best ingredients on the market. L-Taurine. Beta Alanine, DiCaffeine Malate, Yohimbe, Synephrine. All these are tied together with Lions Mane and Theanine for maximum absorption and optimization

HYDRATION BLEND.  Makes Psychic Warfare a unique pre workout:  Coconut Water Powder, Potassium Citrate, and Magnesium Citrate

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love spell
love spell

Dr tunde is the best psychic l've even worked with he was spot on about everything without me needing to tell him anything! And that's what 've like about him he was. Different From other psychics, and after working with him my husband came back. After two months of not being home 😭 And we are connecting more better now than before! This is the best new year gift that I can ask for having my family back together.Thanks to Dr Tunde on must contact him babatundesolutioncentre1 @ gmail .com

Pedro Marquez

Psychic Warfare

great dust

great product. taste isn't that bad, ive had worse.
i chug it, im not sitting around the pool sipping on it. chug and GO

Emmanuel Hernandez

Best pre-workout out there! Focus, pump, energy it has it all. Taste is not that great but still give it a 5.

Psychic Warfare

It only gets 4 stars because the taste is ass. All of em.
Other than that, it’s better for me in the gym over all the other ones I’ve purchased.