Alpha Lion Superhuman Pre


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Alpha Lion Superhuman Pre

Alpha Lion spared no expense in crafting the ultimate pre-workout experience. SUPERHUMAN is a meticulously formulated powerhouse that maximizes your energy, focus, pump, and endurance with premium, industry-leading ingredients.

With a massive 18g scoop of carefully selected components, SUPERHUMAN stands out among "clinically dosed" pre-workouts like Pre Kaged or Pre Jym. It delivers unparalleled potency, packing more punch per scoop while maintaining a smaller size. Unlike other products that overload their formulas with unnecessary fillers, SUPERHUMAN cuts straight to the chase, providing only the most effective ingredients for energy, pump, focus, and endurance. This pre-workout is all about optimizing your gains.

Let's break down the key ingredients:

Caffeine - A vital component in any pre-workout, SUPERHUMAN includes an optimal dosage of 300mg of caffeine, combining the fast-acting effects of both Caffeine Anhydrous and Caffeine Citrate.

Nitrosigine - Also known as Arginine Silicate, Nitrosigine surpasses regular Arginine in effectiveness at lower dosages. It significantly enhances muscle pump and blood flow, contributing to an exceptional workout experience.

Beta Alanine - By inducing hyperemia and that familiar "beta tingles," Beta Alanine improves strength and endurance. SUPERHUMAN goes above and beyond with an impressive 3.5g dosage, almost doubling what you typically find in other pre-workout supplements.

Elevate your training to unprecedented levels with SUPERHUMAN. This optimized formula guarantees optimal gains, leaving no room for compromise. Don't settle for less when you can experience the extraordinary. Unlock your true potential with SUPERHUMAN today.