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EHP Labs OxyGreens

EHP Labs OxyGreens is a game-changing super greens powder that contains essential nutrients to enhance immunity, improve digestion and boost overall vitality and wellness. The best part is all these benefits are delivered with an AMAZING taste!

EHP Labs OxyGreens is the best greens powder on the market, suitable for everyone who wants to improve their health and wellbeing, but struggles with their fruit and vegetable intake. Unlike most greens powders on the market, EHP Labs OxyGreens is also the best tasting greens powder and is the first of its kind to have no grassy or bitter after taste. It comes in 3 incredibly delicious flavors: Strawberry Margarita, Pineapple & Forest Berries.

Our unique green powder supplement promotes immunity, optimal digestion and nutrient absorption from food, as well as reducing oxidative stress and assisting liver detoxification. It contains a green superfood complex, antioxidants, prebiotic fibre and an array of other wellness ingredients in a convenient 1-scoop serving.
Take the hard work out of reaching your micronutrient requirements, for an incredible taste of the best greens supplement you simply won’t resist!

Why you should add EHP Labs OxyGreens to your regimen: 

Just add water to 1 scoop of EHP Labs OxyGreens to fulfill your daily requirement! 

It is to be mixed with water or favorite juice and can be consumed at any time of the day.

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On the "Best Tasting Greens" List!

First things first, FLAVORS ARE AMAZING! ive had a few greens powders from other brands and they literally taste like blended up grass and dirt! EHP Labs Oxygreens have a tiny slight earthy taste to them but 100% bearable!
Iv'e only mixed it with water, so they probably taste even better mixed in smoothies or orange juice.
You do have to give it a good stir every ocne in a while since it does settle, but not bad at all.
I purchased the Pineapple ones from BeMoxie Supplements.

Must buy!

No joke I literally drink this every morning! It doesn’t just help with my gut health but also my mood! It doesn’t have any grassy flavor or leave a bad taste like all the others! Definitely keep in stock!


One thing about EHP is they never miss with the flavors. I’ve tried other greens and the flavor is not so pleasant but honestly with EHP any flavor tastes good!!


Seriously the best greens ever!! I’ve tried so many and nothing taste as good as these! Keeps me feeling nourished and healthy. Very simple and easy way to help me get my greens in for the day. 🙌🏼

Elizabeth Acosta
Best greens ever !

Amazing taste ! Has made my bloating go away & have me glowing skin !