TC1 Workout Gel - Bemoxie Supplements
TC1 Workout Gel - Bemoxie Supplements

TC1 Workout Gel

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Apply a small amount of TC1 Sweat Ignition Workout Gel to the muscles you plan to target about 15 minutes before your workout. The gel will help heat up those muscles, keeping them warm and loose throughout and even after your workout. Warming your muscles helps to increase blood circulation, so you get a better pump and improved recovery. Apply the gel to your core and lower back and wrap your waist with the TC1 Sweat Belt to help put your body in a thermogenic state, helping you to sweat more and burn more during your workout! TC1 Workout Gel is heat activated so the harder you work out, the more you feel the effects.


TC1 is a topical gel applied before exercise. Apply a fair amount on problem areas by massaging into the skin. For maximum results DO NOT use over other lotions.


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