Savage AF
Savage AF
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Savage AF

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  • Boosts brain function

  • Increase energy production

  • Dilates your blood vessles for increase blood circulation 

Beta Alanine

  • Shown to fight fatigue and increase muscular endurance

Glycerol Monosterate

  • Triggers vasodilation 

  • Reduce fatigue 

  • Improves hydration and absorption 

  • Prolongs the pump during your workout 

Agmatine Sulfate

  • Regulates nitric oxide levels

  • Increase mental focus

  • Increases strength

  • Increases stamina 

Caffeine Anhydrous

  • Caffeine is shown to increase energy, focus and body coordination.

  • Increase performance

  • Caffeine is used to increase concentration, alertness, and mood.

  • Increases stamina and endurances

  • Decreases fatigue 

Beta Phenylethlamine

  • Increases energy, mood, and focus

1,3 Dimethylamylamine

Alpha GPC

Dendrobium Extract

Juniper Berry

Alpha Yohimbine

  • Increase bloodflow and vascularity

  • Decrease fat synthesis, which will increase fat loss.

  • Increase energy

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