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Cookies & Cream


118.5 Calories

3.5g Carbs

<1g Total Fat

0g Total/Added Sugar

25g Protein

KLOUT PWR protein utilizes premium ingredients, premium flavoring and premium design. As we say, we aren't your dads supplements. We believe you can have the best tasting protein you've ever had, while not having to sacrifice on ingredients and digestibility. as with all of our products we have spent an insane amount of time testing, refining and creating our products so that we could truly say we have the wildest, most unique and highest quality product on the market. Additionally we think supplements should be fun, which is why we have added a game within the label of the protein. just like your favorite cereal box as a kid that kept you entertained while eating, we wanted to do the same with our protein because why not? we have hidden the letters "klout' within the label which contains over 1,000 unique graphics. find the letters? 

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