HEAT Hardcore Fat Burner - His - Bemoxie Supplements
HEAT Hardcore Fat Burner - His - Bemoxie Supplements

HEAT Hardcore Fat Burner - His

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N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine –
Packing 350mg, this bioavailable compound has been shown to greatly benefit: thyroid function, cortisol from stress and anxiety, and a healthy metabolism.*

Caffeine –
Increasing from 100mg to 275mg this formula has nearly 3x as much power as the original HEAT. It is not for beginners and only for serious weight management clientele. *

Suppress estrogen dominance with this estrogen metabolite. DIM has been researched and shown to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, convert bad estrogen to good estrogen. Dim has also been shown suppress the formation of new fat cells; as well as reduce fat in problem areas associated with estrogen, leading to a stronger and leaner body composition. *

Gamm-Butyrobetaine (GBB) is a precursor to Carnitine, which has been dubbed as a “Super Carnitine” because of its ability to increase carnitine production by up to 300% in the human body.*

HEAT HARDCORE will make you sweat. Its active compounds are formulated and dosed to make you burn fat. There is a reason it’s called HEAT HARDCORE, this formula will hit any customer, and leave them wanting more.

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