H2Drop Anti-Bloating - Women
H2Drop Anti-Bloating - Women

H2Drop Anti-Bloating - Women

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H2Drop Anti-Bloating Diuretic for Women is an effective natural anti-bloating, detoxifying and diuretic formula that assists with removing excessive gas and subcutaneous water weight from the body.

H2Drop is a versatile supplement and can be used to reduce stomach bloating, assist with progressive and steady water weight loss, or if used for advanced competition level preparation, it can act as a potent catalyst for quickly dropping water weight to achieve the desired “lean” look.


- Effective natural anti-bloating, detoxifying and diuretic formula
- Remove excess water weight
- Herbal diuretic
- Anti-inflammatory
- Maintain antioxidant, electrolyte and water osmotic balance
- Assist in competition preparation

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