Forskolin-95+ - Bemoxie Supplements
Forskolin-95+ - Bemoxie Supplements


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  • Coleus Forskohlii Extract
  • Purest Forskolin Available
  • Patented ForsLean® 95%
  • Versatile & Stackable†


Most forskolin extracts on the market are 10-20% pure. As a 95% pure extract, you can get all the forskolin you need without the inclusion of as many compounds of the coleus forskohlii plant.


The focus of our Forskolin-95+ is a supporter of lean body mass while dieting, but over the years much research has been done on forskolin, showing additional health and wellness promoting benefits.


For those looking to use stimulant-free supplements when dieting, Forskolin-95+ is commonly stacked with Lipovate.

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