Focus Frenzy Capsules (EXP 09/24)

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Focus Frenzy Capsules (EXP 09/24)


Focus Matrix, 60 Capsules, Noo-Hype

THIS FORMULA HAS 300MG of Caffeine per Serving (2 capsules)

Laser Focus, memory and energy matrix- Bringing mental clarity to those cloudy days! 

Premium nootropic designed to increase cognitive functions, produce laser focus and energy. Focus Frenzy is a highly advanced nootropic focus supplement used by professionals and in everyday life to get an unparalleled clean and long lasting focus and energy. It contains clinically tested ingredients including Ashwaghanda, Noopept and a Focus Frenzy blend to make it a powerful nootropic.

- Improve memory recall

- learn new tasks quickly

- Reduce mental fatigue

- Enhance Clarity.

INTENSE FOCUS: Life is better when you can stay focused. This blend includes several ingredients that can help koi concentrate and perform better on a variety of mental tasks.

BRAIN HEALTH:  Focus Frenzy includes the powerful nootropic herb Bacopa Monnieri which has been used for thousands of years to improve brain health & cognition.

WELL BEING: In addition to boosting energy levels, Focus Frenzy also contains ingredients suggested to improve overall feelings of well-being while reducing stress to help you feel your best!

RAZOR SHARP MEMORY: Imagine being able to recall more information more accurately. Once again, Bacopa Monnieri is suggested to help improve memory acquisition & retention.

BOOST ENERGY: Boost your mental & physical energy with ingredients such as Vitamin B12 that work to help you fight fatigue and stay alert.

powder within Capsules on Expired Product 07/24 are starting to harden. No returns or exchanged will be accepted after purchase.