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Unlock the power of a legendary pre-workout - Dark Labs Flame. This stim junkie's dream hits hard and keeps you soaring.

Armed with powerful stimulants like Alpha Yohimbine, Flame Pre Workout delivers a fantasy experience for stim enthusiasts. Brace yourself for the following Flame Pre Workout highlights:

✓ Long-Lasting Energy
✓ Super Focus
✓ Fast-Acting

How does Flame Pre Workout compare to other Dark Labs Pre Workouts?
While Crack excels in providing clean energy and focus, Flame offers an exceptional combination of true euphoria and intense energy.

How does Flame Pre Workout compare to other pre-workouts?
Flame Pre Workout stands shoulder to shoulder with other pre-workouts in terms of euphoria and energy. It shares similarities with:

✓ Yolo Pre Workout
✓ El Jefe Pre Workout
✓ Zeus Pre Workout

Don't miss out on Dark Labs Flame, the pre-workout that lives up to its legendary status. Experience long-lasting energy, laser-like focus, and a fast-acting formula that will propel your workouts to new heights. Seize this opportunity and ignite the fire within you.

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Jason Schilling
Poison alert

I took this product once on an empty stomach and once after eating and I got real sick both times. I then stopped using this product. The convict was also nasty. Im not sure but I think the containers were tampered with