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Apollon Nutrition Assassin V7 Pre-Workout


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Unleash your inner beast with Apollon Nutrition Assassin, the ultimate aggressive stim pre-workout designed to fuel your energy, focus, confidence, and motivation to crush your goals.

Apollon Nutrition Assassin Highlights:

✓ Intense focus
✓ Extreme motivation
✓ Enhanced mood and feeling
✓ Long-lasting energy

✗ May benefit from stacking with a pump product
✗ Sensitive individuals may experience jitters due to yohimbine content

Assassin Pre-Workout Supplement Facts:

Prepare for an extreme pre-workout experience, as Assassin is one of the strongest options available. Start with a minimum of half a scoop to gauge your tolerance before advancing.

What Sets Assassin Apart?
Prepare for "crack-head" energy. Assassin is a stimulant-heavy pre-workout that delivers an intense rush of energy, focus, and aggression to fuel your gym sessions.

Is Assassin Pre for Me?
Dosage may vary, ranging from a quarter to a full scoop.
✓ Most individuals may find enjoyment at a quarter to three-quarters of a scoop (especially if new to pre-workouts).
✓ For stim junkies seeking an unparalleled experience, a full scoop is the ultimate paradise.

Are There Any Allergens in Assassin?
Yes, this product contains tree nuts and is manufactured in a facility that processes all major allergens.

Embrace the power of Apollon Nutrition Assassin and conquer your workouts like never before. Ignite your potential, harness your aggression, and achieve greatness with this extraordinary pre-workout.

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