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Dark Labs Crack Gold Limited Edition Preworkout


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Limited Edition Dark Labs CRACK Gold is a highly requested Pre-Workout from all the Stim Junkies.

It is one of the hardest hitting pre-workouts, possibly in the world.

For Experienced Lifters Only.

WARNING: We advise you to asses tolerance with 1/2 a serving.

Customer Reviews

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me strong

Leo Victorin
Ho. Ley. Shi. T.

Me and my homie took a scoop. Cuz we thought we were big ballin💀. Ended up sweating, shivering. And itching all in one. For a good half hour it felt anabolic. Like elite pre. Lifted heavy as fuck for that time. Then we both started feeling fucked. Like cold sweats and couldn’t focus. Brains cracked out big time. We were loosing our minds. We drove to Dave’s hot chicken for food. I ate three bites of mac and cheese. Then threw up in the bathroom. Just water. Drove home. We’re both groaning and praying it’ll be over soon. We end up at my house. I’m sweating hard. Hella hard. But I feel like Im freezing. I throw up three times infront of my crib and I’m like shit💀 half an hour later. I remember some girl had to come over. She’s fine asf. I’m STRESSED. I get up to answer the door and I’m like fuckkk. My head hurts hella. I get up. Let her in. We sit down. And I gotta throw up. I tell her I’ll be back Inna sec. And loose my entire digestive system in the bathroom. I get up. Slap myself in the face and brush my teeth(usefull) i couldn’t stand or walk for the next hour. I got some good food in my system and drank hella water. Boom. Couple hours later I’m chillin but can’t stand still. I’ve never felt like I’ve been on hardcore drugs before but Jesus. Knocked me into another reality. I’ll forever feel terrorized by this brand but DAMN. If you think you’re up for it. More than welcome to try it out. My only words are good luck and don’t. Consume. Mac and cheese. After. Consumption.